Homemade Chicken Stock

There's nothing worse than a store-bought, cardboard boxed, stock. Well for me at least. Be it chicken, beef, or vegetable, something besides the lack of nutrients and flavor, just creeps me out a little. Do you really want to consume broth that's been sitting on the shelves of a your … Continue reading

Burrata Peach Salad

I'm really into fruits in salad lately, especially peaches… It happened a few months ago when the sky was a constant depressing shade of grey and rain was pouring like the Hudson River was being drained. Jonathan isn't the biggest fan of fruit being anything other than dessert but I'm happy … Continue reading

Cauliflower and Lentil Mountain

  Lentils are my guilty pleasure. Granted, its a pretty lame guilty pleasure to have. You'd think I'd choose something with less nutritional value, and a lot more sugar or oil… I'm working on it but until that replacement is chosen we'll have to stick with lentils, and I'll just have to … Continue reading