Charred String Beans & Peaches

I think it's confession time… People ask me all the time how I got into "this", "this" being cooking. In fact I was just having this conversation this afternoon with my friends Leandra and Amelia, which brought me to write this post. It wasn't really out of choice, (well maybe … Continue reading

Vineyard Style Dinner

  About a month ago my parents came to town for a special occasion, my mother's birthday. Being that we are observant Jews, going to a restaurant to celebrate on a Friday night, the eve of her birthday was out of the question, so I took it upon myself to gather the troops and get everyone … Continue reading


I love snacking, or I should say healthy snacking. Usually it's mid afternoon, my stomach is talking to itself and I don't know how I'm going to hold over until dinner. I head to the kitchen, and go to my "snack drawer". But this isn't your regular snack drawer - it's filled with tons of … Continue reading