Burrata Peach Salad

I'm really into fruits in salad lately, especially peaches… It happened a few months ago when the sky was a constant depressing shade of grey and rain was pouring like the Hudson River was being drained. Jonathan isn't the biggest fan of fruit being anything other than dessert but I'm happy … Continue reading


There are always those few key items that are a staple in your fridge. Something that you can grab quickly, toss into a bowl and serve to guests (or in my case just eat as one of your many snacks). Of course there are the usual contenders: pickles, olives, crudités, potato chips, which are all … Continue reading


Recently I was asked to do a guest post for CookKosher.com, a website with a database of kosher recipes submitted by your average hobby cook, down to the experts... Many of you who are not kosher will probably think that doing so would be really difficult and pretty much impossible, but with … Continue reading