Salted Brownie Cake, Anyone?

A couple of weeks back, I made a salted chocolate brownie cake for my friends over at, one that no one could say no to. Previously in the Man Repeller x Beauty and Some Beef series, we shared our favorite kale smoothie with y'all but in the words of  my man repelling friends … Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago my sister Emanuelle turned 23. As you may know my family lives in London (minus 1 older sister), so I don't get to celebrate birthdays with them too often. Luckily for me this year Emanuelle is in New York for the summer, which was a great excuse to make something so cute … Continue reading


Recently I was asked to do a guest post for, a website with a database of kosher recipes submitted by your average hobby cook, down to the experts... Many of you who are not kosher will probably think that doing so would be really difficult and pretty much impossible, but with … Continue reading